• "If I feel my quads or hamstrings are tight I put the Thigh Helix on until I feel them loosen - you can really feel a difference quickly."
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Bicep Helix
Bicep Helix

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By targeting the bicep and tricep muscles of the arm with gentle, balanced compression you will find the muscles more energized from the increased oxygen flow and the swift removal of lactic acids. And the reduction in muscle oscillation and vibration will prevent more serious injuries developing in the associated joints, ligaments, and tendons. The fabric will stay in place and expand and contract with the body like a second skin, making it an excellent choice for body builders, weightlifters, and boxers in addition to those playing fast paced racquet sports.

When muscles are stretched forcibly beyond comfortable levels tears occur which are known as strains and whilst some strains aren't apparent during mild physical activity they become more pronounced under pressure.

Grade 1 - a mild pull with some discomfort but which is not particularly painful and does not restrict activities

Grade 2 - moderate discomfort which can limit activities with some swelling and visible bruising

Grade 3 - Severe injury causing significant pain in addition to swelling, bruising and spasms.

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