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Osgood-Schlatter Disease Explained

As a parent you want to see your child fit and healthy yet excessive exercise during critical growth years can lead to pain and injuries requiring rest and treatment. OSD is technically more of a condition than a disease and predominantly affects adolescents who are active in sports requiring substantial running and/or jumping which causes inflammation of the Patellar Tendon which attaches the kneecap to the shin bone (tibia). The resulting pain, tenderness, and swelling can be debilitating.

The BodyHelix Patella Helix offers a superior alternative to tight restricting velcro straps and does note require "How to Tape" tutorials. Our fabric targets the problem area with gentle compression and alleviates painful symptoms allowing for the resumption of activities.

With recommendations from renowned athletes such as Paula Radcliffe we are confident our product will suit your needs.

Key points of Osgood-Schlatter Disease
Predominantly affects adolescents
Caused by overuse through excessive sports and training
Inflamation of Patellar Tendon
Significant pain and swelling below kneecap
Treatments include RICE and anti-inflammatory drugs

The uniquely shaped Patella Helix offers targeted support exactly where it's needed. It will remain in place and alleviate pain and swelling associated with OSD and other over-use conditions. Explore our website for further information and make the right choice with confidence.

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