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Full Ankle BodyHelix
Full Ankle BodyHelix Medical Compression Support

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Ankle injuries are often thought of as sports injuries but you don't have to be an athlete or even a "weekend warrior" to turn your ankle and something as simple as walking on an uneven surface can cause a painful, debilitating sprain.

Ankle injuries are described in three ways:
Strain - damage to muscles and tendons as a result of being pulled or stretched too far
Sprain - damage to ligaments when they are stretched beyond their normal range of motion
Fracture - a break in one or more of the bones.

And damage to ligaments is graded as follows:
Grade 1 - mild damage to the ligaments without instability of the affected joint
Grade 2 - a partial tear in which the ligaments are stretched to the point whereby they become loose
Grade 3 - a complete tear of the ligament causing sever instability.

Regardless of the cause most injuries occur through excessive rotation whereby the ankle stretches beyond its normal range of motion and the great majority of these tend to be inversion in nature i.e. the ankle bends outwards resulting in overstretching of the anterior talofibular ligament. The resulting pain and swelling depends upon the severity of the injury. Tendinitis can also be an issue among athletes through extended overuse rather than trauma.

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